Friday, December 10, 2010

Musings over the holidays

There is tremendous power in our words. I believe that when we think a thought or when we speak a word, it somehow goes out from us into a law of mind and comes back to us as experience.Let’s be aware of just how important our words are. Let’s consider words as the foundation of what we continually create in our lives. Start to listen to what you say. If you catch yourself using negative words, change them.

Source: Feeling Fine Affirmations by Louise L. Hay

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I want to be a billionaire!

Winning pot tonight is around 600 million pesos. Wow...with great money comes great responsibility...

What to do with the money?

1. Start my foundation targeting educational scholarships with obligation to work in the Philippines for at least three years and serve country first

2. do philantrophy work

3. help in preserving heritage churches, cultural artifacts

4. buy Filipino artists paintings and bring them back to the Philippines

5. trust funds

oh there's so much to do with so much money, all in God's will.

---Wondermom A. (praying that many winners in tonight's lotto)

Friday, November 12, 2010

Give Love on Christmas Day

Im so excited.
I love the Christmas season :  )

...Colder climate, carols and songs everywhere, dazzling christmas lights, bright red and gold decors, and the mad mad rush to finish your christmas gift list...thinking of all your loved ones, family and relatives that you need to buy gifts for, hoping no one is forgotten.

That's why Im so grateful that Entrepreneur Magazine OCt 2010 has compiled a list of bazaars in the Metro from November to December 2010.Beats going to mall sales with lots of people and cashier lines. Take a look and see where you can shop nearest your home or workplace...Enjoy your shopping...Im 3/4 finished already. Love it! : )

--Wondermom A. (you better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout, Im telling you why!)


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Family Vacation: Adventures in Subic

What to do when you have two relatives about to leave Manila to go back to the province and 2 hyper active toddlers wanting to go out? tadah.....go to Subic and explore the adventures it has to offer!

From Quezon City, we used the Mindanao exit to NLEX, which is fast (30minutes from Commonwealth Avenue QC to Meycauayan Exit NLEX) and beats going to traffic-ridden EDSA. From there, Subic is just less than two hours via SCTEX. Round trip toll fees (NLEX, SCTEX, Tipo) will amount to less than P700.00. Since we brought our car, only one full tank of gasoline is needed for the roundtrip (P1,500.00++).

First stop at Subic, Ocean Adventure from 10:30am to 2:00pm. We watched all the shows (wild animal show, dolphin show, sea lion show), went to the simple aquarium of fishes and souvenir shop. Adult fee is P 500.00 and child rate is P 400.00.

Here's the Park Schedule as of September 2010:
Sea Lion Marine Patrol Show (Nautilus Theater): 10:15am, 2:15pm, 5:15pm
Dolphin Friends Show (El Capitan Theater): 12:45pm, 4:30pm
The Adventures of Olongapo JOnes Show (Seaside Theater): 11:00am, 3:45pm
Walk on the Wild Side Show (Eco Theater): 11:45am, 3:00pm
Sea Lion Photo Encounter: 10:45am, 2:45pm
Dolphin Photo Encounter: 1:15pm, 5:00pm

Ocean Adventure may also offer swim encounter, beach encounter, dive encounter and animal trainer adventures to interested persons.

If you're planning to go here, better eat lunch outside since the restaurant here is overpriced. Meals cost P 200.00 per person but food is just average in taste. Before going to Ocean Adventure, eat lunch at Puregold which is along the Argonaut Highway going to Ocean Adventure. There's SR Pizza and KFC to choose from. You can also shop at the Mango outlet while you're there.

After Ocean Adventure, we checked-in at our hotel, The Courtyard Inn, which is along the Central Business District of Subic, across Gerry's Grill. We stayed here last year and the place was clean and recently renovated at that time. However, this year they are constructing a big building beside the inn, thus it was noisy and the room we were given looked like it was not cleaned for a long time. Although the beds were clean, the floor was full of dust so we had to request the attendants to clean it again : ( The inn has a playground but no pool.

In the afternoon, we strolled along the Boardwalk beach area, which is just a few minutes away from Courtyard Inn. It was disappointing that a lot of garbage is being dumped on the sand and near the beach front. I hope SBMA and the restaurants near the beach front would take the responsibility to clean this area, so that more tourists and local would come here. I saw a lot of people swimming despite the garbage floating nearby.

After the boarwalk, we went to Lighthouse Marina for dinner. The hotel is well-designed and has a big pool where a lot of kids are swimming. We ate at the al fresco Sands Restaurant. The food is tasty and reasonably priced. Next time we'll stay at Lighthouse Marina. Along the Central Business District street, there are a lot of restaurants to choose from. I also saw Levi's and Dockers Outlet Store but wasnt able to go inside.

The next day, we satisfied our duty free shopping at Puregold in its new building and location. Cadbury chocolates are so cheap, a bar will cost only $3.58, peso dollar conversion at P44.10, canned goods at less than a dollar, pringles less than 2 dollars. I spent around 90 dollars on pasalubong. Bought lots of chocolates, Nuetrogena shampoo, irish spring soap, coffee, fruit juice,etc.! What a way to end your overnight adventure in Subic.

If you will stay longer, there are lots of activities for families. You can go to the Camayan beach or other beaches inside Subic, Zoobic Safari, Jest Camp Butterfly/Insectarium Mini Zoo, Bat Kingdom, Forest Trails, etc. the adventures are endless if you and your family have all the time in the world.

Suggested Itinerary for Overnight Stay in Subic

Day 1
Am - Go to Ocean Adventure for dolphin, sea lion, animal shows
Pm - Stroll/Swim at Boardwalk or Camayan beach, shop at outlet stores along Central Business District (CBD); Dinner at any of the restaurants along CDB (Gerry's Grill, Lighthouse Marina, etc.) or at the Camayan Beach restaurant

Day 2
Am - Go to any tourist spot (forest trails, Zoobic safari, etc.)
Duty Free Shopping and Late Lunch (Puregold, Royal, etc)
Pm- Go back to Manila

Regardless of your itinerary, what's important is that you and your family had fun and enjoyed the pleasures of travelling together.

If travelling with kids, bring portable dvd player and CDs, crayons and coloring books to keep them entertained during the road trip. Bring light snacks, food and trash bag (just in case someone gets car sick on the way!).

Here's to more fun-filled family travels in the future!

--Wondermom A.

Travelogue: 11 things to do in Beijing

My husband and I went to Beijing for their office annual outing. It was fun, hot, tiring and unforgettable. I find Beijing friendlier than Hongkong. I noticed a lot of things there i.e. a lot of Audi cars which is by the way their official government car according to our guide, vast flower pots placed at the sidewalks (really nice), several parks where Chinese commune with each other, several American fast food restaurants (KFC, Mcdonalds) has invaded Beijing, increasing pollution, you can actually see a white dust on cars at the end of the day, medium rise housing which look "homier" than the high rise condominiums at Hongkong.

I would definitely go back to Beijing to bring my kids when they're older, just to check if they can climb the great wall heheh and if I still have the stamina to join them.

Here's my list of 11 things to do if you're in Beijing:

1. Walk from North to South Gate of the Forbidden City
2. Visit the Palace Musuem and see the richest collection of cultural relics in China
3. Watch the Beijing Acrobat Troupe and be amazed
4. Climb the Great Wall and prove you're a true man/woman(?!)
5. Eat peking duck at Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant
6. Buy your own lucky jade
7. People watch at the Summer Palace
8. Go to the Lama Temple and wish for the one thing your heart truly desires : )
9. Go to the Hutong Area and eat home-made dishes at Red Capital Club
10. Haggle like a Chinese and buy souvenirs at the Market (ask 80% discount)
11. Exercise at the park near the Water Cube and Bird's Nest and meet new friends

For more information, visit

Have you been to Beijing? What is your most memorable experience?

--Wondermom A.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Words of Wisdom

My worst fear

My worst fear is getting at me again.  News about gang rapes abound.

God bless and comfort the victims. Please God, always bless my women family, my two daughters, my women friends.  May they always be safe and secure wherever they are. 

To you rapists, you have no right to ruin women, their lives and their families.  Shame on you all! God has a way of correcting your wrongs.  Siya na ang bahala sa inyo!

I am woman. I have rights.

I am a woman. 
I have the right to live a full life. 
I have the right to say no.
I have the right to decide on when to have a family and how many children I would have. 
I believe in God. 
I believe in the Catholic faith. 
I believe in prevention, not abortion.
I believe the state should have the responsibility to control population in order to curb increasing poverty in the country.
I believe that state and church should work together to educate and inform Filipinos about natural family planning.
I believe in responsible parenthood.
I support the RH Bill.

--Wondermom A.

For more information on laws, legistation and Filipino women, please go to the Philippine Commission on Women's website.

For the whole text of RH Bill 5043, please click the link below:

Monday, October 4, 2010

Cry and the whole world cries with you!

What is it about a child crying that makes an adult go berseck and lose control? I'm no master at patience and understanding when the situation is like this.  My eldest daughter cries a lot.  She cries when she's not the center of attention,she cries when we are at home, she cries when her younger sister taunts her.

Last night, while hubby and I are eating dinner, she made that ghastly loud piercing cry, which really broke my hubby's patient demeanor.  I intervened because I took pity already.  The main reason of her crying episode, which she barely able to mutter is that ali (her sister)  "kurot me". Hay. Is this sibling rivalry already? I had to also reprimand my other daughter because its not good to hurt people.  Im sad to say that even if I read a lot of parenting books about smart parenting, what to expect the toddler years, etc. my hubby and I are always caught off guard.  I really get angry at times, much to my dismay.  I find comfort in knowing that these too shall pass.  Wishing that we come out better, wiser, and closer in faith and love!  

Have you been in this situation before? What did you do?
--Wondermom A.

BookWorm Update: Eat Pray Love

I bought the book "Eat Pray Love" because I got interested in watching the movie soon starred by Julia Roberts. I'm a Julia Roberts fan that's why : )

It narrates Elizabeth Gilbert's travel from Italy to India to Indonesia, from nourishing her body in Italy to rejuvenating her spirit and her faith in God in India to finding love, stability and happiness in Indonesia. Actually, i'm still in the Pray part, but I already have a lot of quotable quotes that I love. I wish also that someday I can travel to my favorite countries to experience and find fulfillment just by being there. Now, it seems a bit difficult to do that because Im a mother of two toddlers, and it seems like everybody needs me to be home-based. But someday I know I'll have my time. It will be the ultimate wondermom journey. Hey! maybe I'll write about a book about it : )

Hmmmm...what will be my three countries?
Maybe Spain to Eat, Israel to Pray and Canada to Love...SEC dont forget about me : )

Sharing with you some of Elizabeth Gilbert's words that touched me somehow...

...same thing which has helped generations of Sicilians hold their dignity has helped me begin to recover mine, namely, the idea that the appreciation of pleasure can be an anchor of one's come here to Sicily to understand Italy...

...But is it such a bad thing to live like this for just a little while? Just for a few months of one's life, is it so awful to travel through time with no greater ambition than to find the next lovely meal? Or to learn how to speak a language for no higher purpose that it pleases your ear to hear it? Or to nap in a garden, in a patch of sunlight, in the middle of the day, right next to your favorite fountain? And then to do it again the next day?...

...The search of God is a reversal of the normal, mundane worldly order. In search of God, you revert from what attracts you and swim toward that which is difficult. You abandon your comforting and familiar habits with the hope (the mere hope!) that something greater will be offered you in return for what you've given up...

...Devotion is diligence without assurance. Faith is a way of saying "Yes, I pre-accept the terms of the universe and I embrace in advance what I am presently incapable of understanding". There's a reason we refer to "leaps of faith"-- because the decision to consent to any notion of divinity is a mighty jump from the rational to the unknowable...Faith is belief in what you cannot see or prove or touch. Faith is walking face-first and full-speed into the dark...

...Instructions For Freedom

1. Life's metaphors are God's instructions.
2. You have just climbed up and above the roof. There is nothing between you and the Infinite.
Now, let go.
3. The day is ending. Its time for something that was beautiful to turn into something else that
is beautiful. Now, let go.
4. Your wish for resolution was a prayer. Your being here is God's response. Let go, and watch
the stars come out - on the outside and on the inside.
5. With all your heart, ask for grace, and let go.
6. With all your heart, forgive him. FORGIVE. YOURSELF, and let him go.
7. Let your intention be freedom from useless suffering. Then, let go.
8. Watch the heat of day pass into the cool night. Let go.
9. When the karma of relationship is done, only love remains. It's safe. Let go.
10. When the past has passed from you at last, let go. Then climb down and begin the rest of
your life. With great joy...

I'll add my favorites on the Love section when I get there.

Have a nice day everyone!
---Wondermom A.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I have a lot of pending blogposts...beijing vacation, ocean adventure trip with the kids, quiapo walk much to say, so little time...I hope this weekend, I can post them already...and of course, the much awaited before and after pictures of my home, still a work in progress.

I hope all of you are doing great.

Good night!
--Wondermom A. (in iloilo, loving batchoy, biscocho house and free wifi in amigo)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Bookworm Alert: Manila International Book Fair 2010

Calling out all you book worms out there...

Is your schedule free from September 15 to 19, 2010?

Why not head on to the 31st Manila International Book Fair, open from 10:00am to 8:00pm, at the SMX Convention Center, Pasay City.

It is one of the longest running book fairs not only in the Philippines, but in the Asian region as well.

What are we waiting for? See you all at MIBF for super cheap, best book buys! You can also get great discounts for school suppliers, materials and equipment.

Your kids will also enjoy the robotics demonstration and storytelling sponsored by the different publishing houses.

For schedule of events and other information, checkout their website

--Wondermom A. (Knowledge is Power)

Shoe Attack: Charles and Keith

I'm suddenly craving for these shoes from Charles and Keith (rawr!)

ART #CK1-60050398
Thank God for sisters who's got the luxury of time to shoe shop in Singapore, tnx a lot in advance Gailtot! Enjoy your vacation : )

--Wondermom A.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Blocked: What's the fun in that?

Finally, they caught us...Facebook, Twitter, CItiseconline are blocked from the office server.

can't comment, but you can browse. I cant even open the citiseconline page. wah! goodbye to online trading during 9to 1230pm.
What's the fun in that? I guess its time to change my internet schedule after working hours, which means after my kids sleep at night. hay, less sleeping time, more working hours hahaha!

Hopefully, i can upload this : )

--Wondermom A.

P.S. Yey, blogger not blocked

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My 34 little things

Getting old for another year made me reflect on my life, be a little bit sentimental, finally grateful that God has given me the past year to be wiser, to be more humbled by God's presence everywhere I go, to extend help whenever I can.  This year, Im going to find more simple ways on how to hug God back for the many blessings, little things He has bestowed upon me.

The simple things that make my life as it is, thank you God for them:

1. Luther, for finally realizing that happy wife=happy life=happy husband.  for richer or poorer, for better or worse, Ay-ayatenka unay unay poknat!

2. Lia and Ali, for making me see the simple things in life are the most wonderful. I never imagined that I can love two small people who always test my patience, understanding but at the end of day, overwhelm me just by looking at them peacefully sleeping.  liapots and alibaba, you make me proud!

3. Papi and Curly sue, for just being there! I dont need monetary gifts, as long as I know that you'll always be there for me, i'll be fine!

4. Sisterhood and Brotherhood of 8 Lipton1, for making me fullfill my "ate" to the max, from helping me with the smallest mundane of errands, to helping me with money heheh, and giving my children the time of day. To infinity and beyond! love yah :  ) 

5. Lola Jean and Lolo Inciong, thank you for being there for us, for the kids whenever we need you!

6. Natal and Ramos family and relatives. For the support you give whenever we need it.  Just by knowing that we can count on you makes life more bearable : ) Thank you!

7. To friends who make life more meaningful, who share milestones and moments in my life (p-girls, highschool, college, ncrfw, JICA, luther friends), tnx for the time and laughter, for the tears and sadness shared, for your presence whenever wherever!

8. Yaya Doris and Yaya Lala (special mention) because I know its hard to take care of my 2 hyper active kids. Im grateful you've chosen to take care of my children! no words to express my gratefulness, ha? bonus ko na lang idaan ang pasasalamat ko? hehehe sige ba  :  )

9. Buzz Lightyear OJ and Potato Head (with stiches) Angel, tnx for making my children laugh and cry, I hope you all grow up closer and have more meaninful relationships with each other. at the meantime, learn to share : )
10. Bert, salamat sa pagalaga sa tindahan namin at sa bahay, pwede pati bahay ko pagawa na rin ng alulod at bubong hehehe

11.  For JICA Phil. Office, tnx for making my life bearable. Without you, I cannot affort to buy the simple things, luxuries I dont need, vacations I wished.  With you, I can fb and blog, albeit secretly! Makakapunta pa kaya ako ng Japan? hehehe.  For a better tomorrow for all : )

12. Junior Choir Filinvest 2, for continuing our legacy of singing for the Lord! you bring the youthness of singing with your lively songs! Keep up the good work!

13. #61 Granwood, cant beat the feeling of sleeping in your own home, peaceful! ding dong! huh? mortgage payments (Sweating, duh! nightmare!)

14. my small cute pocket garden (white angel, santan, yellow green plant, violet plant, red palms)...Im happy that you're alive and well, which just shows I have a green thumb. Btw, tnx yayas for watering them everyday. Nevermind the Php500 water bill every month. :  )

15.  my're so beautiful! Flowers are the ultimate best interior accessory ever. 2 yellow violet and 3 violet and other colors more to come...

16. Dear Avanza, im so sorry you had to have scratches along the way, but im so happy you're there, you've taken me to wonderful trips, countless checkups, and to the office and back. You're my third child, you know!

17. Sanchai and Sandy, you nasty dogs, you've given birth to i think almost 30++pups (combined) already, please stop.  8 Lipton 1 will never be the same or smell the same without you.

18. Feb 25, 2006 and Jan. 5, 2008 for making me remember that I deserve my own happiness even when the world is revolting around me

19. Harry Potter, Edward and Bella, The Firm, and more in my bookshelf, you make me wanna dream about magical things in life, you're my brand of heroine!

20. Casablanca, Amelie, Some kind of wonderful, Sweet Home Alabama and many others I cant enumerate here, its nice to know that love moves in mysterious make me believe that love is powerful it can move mountains : )

21. Jan. 29, 2007 and April 19, 2008, my body is a wonderland. I am a giver of life.  Childbirth to me was scary then, but my body proved to me that its all in the breathing.   3rd time lamaze? I hope? nah! the spirit is willing but the body is getting old : )

22. Sagada and Kiltepan point, my piece of heaven.  I can literally sing "clouds cap mountains white". You made me see the vast beauty of creation God has made up up and away. Amen.

23. Boracay Sunset, the latest sunset that took my breath away. A sunset brings a close to another beautiful day, a sad goodbye really, but when their beauty mesmerizes you, you cant really complain.  God truly is a master!

24. Japanese sweets deli mochi cream, you're a tease. you make me wanna...hehe

25. Citiseconline, thank you for making me a believer of high risk investments.  Here's to a more fruitful investment-filled future!

26., you're the thoughts in my head, the words that i speak, the feelings I keep, the memories I hold dear...I hope that I give you more reasons to continue!

27.  The Alchemist, The universe will conspire for you to achieve the one thing your heart truly desires. Dont let go of your personal legend, be true to the language of the world! Love!

28. October 2009, January 2010 and February 25, 2010, the lowest of the low.  Funny how I can laugh about it now.  At that time, me, the church and the book are flowing like a river, fire in my heart, clouds in my head.  Really, time heals the wounds. Forgiveness is really divine.

29. Pratunam Market, Chatujak Weekend Market, Orchard Road, Nathan Road, a shopaholic's delight. Can I come back?  

30.  Jensen corner Jonas, I see skies of blue, clouds of white, I sing to myself, what a wonderful view.  Can you be mine please? Just the thought makes me happy

31. potato salad, paksiw na pata, pesto pasta, you're my comfort food. :  )

32. Paris, Rome, London.  Can you hear me? Can you wait for me? I'm leaving on a jetplane..someday.   Just the thought makes me smile

33. Canada 2011, you have eluded me since 1997.  I am a survivor! I am not a quitter. Be prepared Im going! To my personal legend, so near and yet so far!

34.  To you oh Lord, Thank you.  Be it done according to your will!

 --Wondermom A. (34 and counting)

Who am I?

Reflection on turning 34:

"Who am I"

Verse 1:
"Who am I? That the Lord above the Earth would care to know my name, would care to feel my hurt.
Who am I? That the bright and morning star would choose to light the way of my ever wandering heart.

Not because of who I am, but because of what You've done
Not because of what I've done, but because of who You are.

I am a flower quickly fading, here today and gone tomorrow.
A wave tossed in the ocean, a vapor in the wind.
Still, You hear me when I'm calling, Lord, you catch me when I'm falling.
And you've told me who I am...I AM YOURS.

Verse 2:
Who am I? That the eyes that see my sin would look at me with love, and watch me rise again.
Who am I? That the voice that calmed the sea would call out through the rain and calm the storm in me.

Not because of who I am, but because of what You've done.
Not because of what I've done, but because of who You are.


I am a flower quickly fading, here today but gone tomorrow.
A wave tossed in the ocean, a vapor in the wind.
Still, you hear me when I'm calling, Lord, You catch me when I'm falling.
And you've told me who I am. I AM YOURS."

(Liturgical song sung by the Junior Choir last Aug. 15 at Christ the King Parish Filinvest 2)

(Photo from

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Vote for Lia Isabelle in Dwell Studio Dwellicious Baby Promo

Hi Friends!

Please help my daughter Lia Isabelle win in the Dwell Studio Dwellicious Baby Promo. I need at least 200 votes until Aug. 22.

Its so easy to vote:
1. Log in Facebook.

2. Like the Quirks Marketing Philippines facebook profile in Facebook.

3. At the Quirks wall, scroll down and vote for Lia Isabelle by liking Lia Isabelle picture.

You have successfully voted for her when your name is already in the list who liked her picture.

Thank you so much in advance for your time and effort! God bless you always!

-- Wondermom A. (very busy campaigning, thus not much blogposts)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Winning in Citi Globeshopper Promo

Thank you to Citi Globeshopper (through Citibank Libis Program Manager, Ms. Marge Tirona) and Manila Fashion Observer for my 2 complimentary tickets to CATS (Now and Forever) worth 4 thousand pesos. Yey!

I won the tickets because I registered for free at the Citi Globe Shopper.

With Citi Globeshopper, you can now shop online using your assigned US and/or UK address (to be given when you register), find the best prices and have the goods delivered to your home here in the Philippines. Citi Globeshopper can also consolidate multiple purchases made within 30 days so you can save on shipping costs. Plus, you can also use Citi Globeshopper's Concierge service for free, to shop from sites that do not accept Philippine-issued credit cards.

To avail of this exclusive service for Citibank card holders, register here.

To all shopaholics, what are you waiting for? global shopping here I come : )
-- Wondermom A. (excited about CATS)

Friday, July 23, 2010

new PSE trading rules

erFor the investing public and trading participants,

The Philippine Stock Exchange issued a new trading system, which will take effect on July 26, 2010. The new trading system (NTS) will use a new trading software, developed by NYS Technologies SAS which is wholly owned by NYSE Euronext, which operates the largest exchanges around the world eg. New york Exchange.

The major changes in the trading system are as follows:

1. New Trading Schedule

There will now be a Pre-Close period prior to the Run-off Period of 12noon.

8:45 am - National Anthem
9:00 am - Pre-Open*
9:30 am - Market Open
11:57 am - Pre-Close *(NEW)
12:00 pm - Run-off / Trading at Last
12:10 pm - Market Close

* You can modify and/or cancel your orders during the Pre-Open period and the Pre- Close period.

2. New Board Lot and Price Fluctuation Table

3. Implementation of Trading Price Limits

The price of an order shall be within the Trading Limits for the Trading day. There are two limits implemented; i.e., Static and Dynamic Thresholds.

The Static Threshold used to be known as the Floor and Ceiling Prices and is computed as follows:
- The upper Static Threshold shall be fifty percent (50%) above the Reference price (closing price)
- The lower Static Threshold shall be fifty percent (50%) below the Reference price (closing price)

The Dynamic Price Threshold** is computed as follows:
- Dynamic price threshold (upper) = last traded price + (last traded price multiplied by the Dynamic tick)
- Dynamic price threshold (lower) = last traded price - (last traded price multiplied by the Dynamic tick)

** An order entered breaching above or below the Dynamic Threshold will cause the security to be Frozen by the PSE stopping all trades until the PSE reactivates the security with a new Dynamic Threshold.

If the last traded price for stock A is 5.00 pesos and it has a PSE defined dynamic tick of 0.05 then:
- Stock A dynamic price threshold (upper) = 5.00 + (5.00 x 0.05) = 5.25
- Stock A dynamic price threshold (lower) = 5.00 - (5.00 x 0.05) = 4.75

4. Closing Prices will now be calculated during the Pre-Close Period which will be similar to pre-opening calculations of the opening price.

A Pre-close period (from 11:57-12:00) will be added similar to pre-open that will freeze matching for three minutes but allowing posting. Cancellations and modifications to orders are only allowed from 11:57-11:58 thereafter only posting of new orders are allowed until 12:00. Noon time will bring about a closing price that will match pre-close posted orders then continue trading at the closing price until 12:10.

5. Partial matching of Odd-lot orders will now be allowed.

6. Good-Till-Cancelled orders will now cover a period of seven (7) calendar days instead of seven (7) trading days.

All present GTC orders will be cancelled by end of day Friday July 23, 2010 to make way for the new data format on Monday. Placement of GTC orders will resume on July 26 Monday 9:00 AM. GTC orders may be entered during ATO (after trade hours). But GTC orders that have already been sent to the Exchange can only be cancelled or changed during allowable moments in pre-open (9:00-9:15) and during trading time. You can still send an advanced notice to cancel or change the GTC order during ATO periods but its effect on earmarked balances and positions will only take effect at 9:00 AM onwards.


Since I am one of the small-time investing public, I am interested to know what will happen next week, hoping that the transition will go smooth.

As of this date, my stocks bought through Citiseconline are ALI (Ayala Land Corporation), CHIB (Chinabank Corporation), EDC (Energy Development Corporation), MWC (Manila Water Corporation), SECB (Security Bank Corporation), SMDC (SM Development Corporation), URC (Universal Robina Corporation), which gave me an average gain of 31.98%. Yey! This is way way better than our time deposit interest rate : )

I can't wait to sell some stocks to realize my gain, and invest on other stocks.

Thank you Citiseconline for always providing updated information regarding my investments and stock exchange news.

Here's to a more fruitful investment-filled future : )

--Wondermom A.

Friday, July 16, 2010

My Travel Partner: Shanghai'ed in China

I'm so excited to go on a vacation with my husband this coming August to see the Great Wall of China in Beijing.

Since this vacation would entail lots of walking, I'm already planning what clothes to wear and what shoes to bring. My clothes should be lightweight since its summer in August in China. My shoes should be very comfortable and can withstand a whole day of walking and walking and walking...which brings to mind.. ta dah..."Shanghai shoes of Anthology"...

This pair of shoes would definitely be the best travel partner for me. I can pair it with any fact I can bring only this pair of shoes and be fashionable the entire time I am on vacation. Shanghai'ed in China is the best way to travel.

I will wear the shoes with an ensemble of lace/ sleeveless blouse or shirt and slim cargo pants/shorts...


or this...


Simple yet fashionable...that's what I like

- Wondermom A.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Circle of Fun in Quezon City

I am always on the look out for fun stuff to do for kids on weekends. Recently, my kids and I travelled not far from our home, at Circle of Fun, Elliptical Road in Quezon City. I was surprised that they renovated the the park to include a playground (Circle of Joy), a bike rental (P 100/hr) and a theme park (Circle of Fun) with different rides and activities not only for children but also for adults (e.g. Wild Wind, Bump cars, water zorb, swing carousel, duck rides, animal carousel, Dinousaur, Alien and Egpytian-theme houses).

Parking entrance fee for cars is P15.00. The Circle of Joy is free but the Circle of Fun has an entrance fee of P 20.00 per adult/kid (more than 3 meter in height). Ride fees average from P30.00-50.00 per adult/kid. Not bad for a theme park, although the size and variety of rides is not comparable with Enchanted Kingdom, of course, but nevertheless the joy and happiness that children get from them is the same. My kids loved them.

If you walk further down the biking area, you will be able to go to the Quezon musuem where they have several memorabilia of President Manuel L. Quezon. There is no entrance fee, only a minimal donation for the musuem. The guard said that the remains of President Quezon are still inside the musuem but when I researched it in the internet, it says that since the 1970s, the remains are no longer there.

Anyway, I am glad that the Quezon City government was able to renovate the place, I see a lot of people riding bikes, strolling with their kids, eating ice cream, exercising, and just plain enjoying the green landscape in the center of a busy metropolis. I hope that the new administration of Mayor Bautista would continue and further improve the park so that more and more people would be able to enjoy it.

And now, whenever we pass by Circle, my kids always point to the park, with a happy smile on their faces.

P.S.The downside there is that there is no good quality restaurants near the playground area. The restaurant area of the park is at the front of City Hall, which is already far from the playground area. I hope the administration will further improve the dining facilities inside the park so that it becomes another UP Technohub area : )

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Growing up and Letting Go

Finally, my whole gang (hubby, 2 kids, 2 yayas and me) was able to watch Toy Story 3 at SM Fairview last weekend.  We decided on SM Fairview because it's 2D, and not 3D, so as not to scare my kids since this is the first time that they will watch a movie in a wide screen inside a dark movie house, and probably would not like to wear glasses all throughtout the movie, these are 2 and 3 year kids I'm talking about (not to mention its cheaper also).

I was surprised.  They did not cry, and was so intent on watching the movie, sitting at the end of the chair since they're still too little to recline less they fall off the chair.  They are amazed by all the toys, watching Barbie and Woody and Jessie and Buzz, it made their day. My eldest daughter said "enjoy mommy" : )

I honestly enjoyed the movie also and was so grateful for the tummy-achy laughter when Buzz danced, and got teary- eyed sad when the toys held hands inside the incinerator to be rescued by the amazing aliens (how did they know where to find them? ).  Actually, the theme of the movie also touches you in a sad way, since all of us go through/went through a "growing up and letting go" stage in our life.  In the movie, Woody eventually decided to let go of Andy and be with the rest of the toys, and Andy also grew up and decided to let go of his childhood friend-toy Woody, knowing that they will be taken cared of by the young girl.

Looking back, I didnt have any Woody type of toy, but I had a lot of books: Sweet Dreams, Sweet Valley Twins/High, etc.  I kept them until I moved out of my parents' house this year.  I remembered buying them at National Bookstore and collecting them, reading them during vacations...Now, they're packed and boxed, I've decided not to keep them anymore for my 2 daughters, since I want my kids to discover books on their own...I've finally let go of one of my childhood things and I'm happy that other kids/teens will be able to discover the stories that I loved back then, Im hoping they catch the bookworm just like I did.

(pictures from

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My 25 List

My growing list when the biological clock turns 25 hehehe...

#1 Jollibee Eclipse Team Edward tumbler, seriously I want this : )

*nope, did not get this one, late to buy, promo already ended: (

#2 chinoiserie chic (hope to get some vases, ivory figurines, etc. in Beijing this August!)

* still to buy at Beijing, if expensive, i found an alternative shop that's way cheap, im already attempted to buy hehehe

#3 Dwell Studio bed linen (heavenly!)

*did not get, but anyway, I have more birthdays to come : )

#4 twilight books 1 to 4 (dont have a copy of my own)

* yey bought these as a gift for myself : )

#5 Union Electric Oven (naflor, ibigay mo na sa akin, di mo naman ginagamit eh : ))

* tnx sisses naflor, gail and bro jr. once the opportunity arises, I'll roast a whole chicken for you all!

#6 a handyphone with Facebook, Twitter apps

* hopefully next week, c/o Smart Gold free handphones : )

#7 a sewing machine that I can use for my DIY curtains, preferably Singer Sewing Machine : )
* sorry, maybe next year : )

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Movie Date: Eclipse

I read twilight in May 2008 during my maternity leave. At first, I dont want to read another lame vampire book sequel, but my sister said its "kilig" daw. Ok, to answer to my boredom at home, I read twilight and was instantly hooked. It transports you to high-school, teen-life romance, drama and adventure.

Edward to Bella: "You're my brand of heroine".

I am now for Team Edward.
I read New Moon the day after I read twilight.
I read Eclipse the following week
I waited for Breaking Dawn in August 2008.
I watched Twilight and New Moon in HBO (Sorry no time to watch in moviehouse.)
Now, I hope to watch Eclipse with hubby, please, time, be kind : )

Monday, June 28, 2010

You'll never walk alone

Dear Luts,

You have a lot of well wishers tonight...

"Good job Daddy! We love you!
- Lia and Ali (daughters) (in video, to be posted soon)

"Our warmest congratulations for a job well done anac, Thank you very much for being a wonderful son to us and a responsible brother to Indira, Ulysses and Aldrin. From all of us in Cagayan, we wish you all the best in life. We pray that God richly bless you and your family. We love you very much."
- Daddy Flor and Mommy Jean (parents)

"More power and success! Keep up the good work, may you live in peace, love and harmony. From the bottom of our hearts, We love you very much!"
- Mommy Flor and Natal family (mother-in law)

"Have a good time. Goodluck. Regards. With love"
- Papi (father-in-law)

" Congratulations Luts! Our kids and I are so proud of you. Your success is our family's success. So to our family man who will now be a very busy bee, we will always be here beside you to give you our LUTS: love, understanding, time and support." As my closing, I'll sing one of your favorite: )

When you walk through a storm,
hold your head up high,
and don't be afraid of the dark,
at the end of the storm,
is a golden sky
and the sweet silver song of a lark.

Walk on through the wind,
walk on through the rain,
though your dreams be tossed and blown,
walk on, walk on with hope in your heart
and you'll never walk alone
you''ll never walk alone...

--- poknats (the original, one and only partner of Luther for life) a.k.a wondermom A.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Key to a Woman's Heart: JBD Jewellery

I always believe that a key to a woman's heart is neither chocolate nor love letters, it's jewellery : )

I've been following Jul B. Dizon Jewellery blog for sometime now, and they always feature well-crafted and well-designed jewellery, even promoting Filipino culture like their current collection of bahay kubo inspired by their late designer, Mr. Florante Pineda.

I would love to have a jewellery collection from them someday...hint hint : )

If you will notice Anne Curtis in her big billboard for Folded and Hung, she has one accessory, a green tourmaline cushion cut with brilliant and rose cut diamonds in yellow gold ring from JBDJ. love it!

Home Inspiration: 33 Shades of Green Home Tour

I follow a lot of blogs about interior design and renovation.  I particularly liked  Remodelaholic because their blog is about DIY at its finest.  I envy their talent and passion for creating something beautiful out of the ordinary and sometimes, even out of something trashy and ugly-looking.  One feature of their blog is inviting bloggers to share their own DIY home improvement, inspiring more readers to do the same. 

Recently, Remodelaholic featured a fellow blogger 33shadesofgreen, an interior designer by profession.  She gave a photo tour of her home, which was tastefully designed and warmly decorated.

Here are some of the pictures that I love and inspired me to further improve my own home : )

I like the kitchen because of its wide space, well-planned storage and cabinets and its location, where you can see everything (living room, dining room) while you're in the kitchen.

I want a screen porch in my dream house someday... I can imagine me drinking tea and reading a book, and just enjoying the breeze here.  I love the combination of colors from orange throw pillows to peach carpet and black and gray sofa set.

Plants for me are always a great interior accessory.  It makes the place alive and warm!  I need to plan a trip to Manila Seedling Bank in Quezon Avenue and buy my own indoor plants. 

Another wish is to have my own craft room, where I can do my sewing, scrapbooking, DIY projects and other sorts of stuff that working moms do on their rare day off :  )

Check out their blogs so you can be inspired more!

P.S. will post soon the before and after pictures of my home :  )

- Wondermom A.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Weekend Reading: Real Home Ideas 5

For those wanting to have a good read over the weekend, why not check out Real Living's Real Home Ideas 5 for small space solutions.

Instead of hiring a professional, why not do the design on your own and gloss over the interesting and practical suggestions from this book to make over your home...from improving your living room, work area, to storage solutions for your kitchen and room cabinets. It also comes with a do-it-yourself furniture layout which you can design before you re-arrange your area.

I just love reading interior design books and magazines. They make me feel that it's so easy to do the makeover and that a well-designed home is not a dream but can be a reality. I think I'll go to my neighborhood bookstore and get a copy of my own for onlyP 195.00.

Can't wait for this weekend of good reading!

- Wondermom A.

(Picture from Real Living