Sunday, September 30, 2012

Missing vacations and dreaming of the next one

My life is way too busy for me these days, aside from working as a consultant in an international organization, I am teaching kindermusik in two schools.

My week starts Monday to Saturday, and to make it even more wonderful, I have two School Family Days to attend to, surprising health check-ups to prioritize, and the Christmas season slowly creeping up on me...whew!

Life as a mother/wife/sister/teacher/consultant/singer/blogger gets so exciting sometimes...

Suddenly, I miss the sun, sand, and sunset...simple times yet so precious

    Losing my breathe at Twin Lakes, Coron Island, May 2011

 Finding the reason for living at Magestic Mayon, Albay Gulf, February 2012

 Learning to pamper at Misibis Bay, Cagraray Island, February 2012

Recharging at Bangui, Ilocos Norte, June 2012

Fireworks at the happiest place in the world, May 2012

Whenever I am drowned by the daily grind, I simply look back and remember these happy simple times and I begin to relax...

Dreaming of the next ones right about now...

Another jewel to find, Pangalusian Resort, Palawan

 Leap of Faith, Rome
 The hills are alive, Batanes

 Of Childhood Dreams and Goals, Vancouver Canada

Keep on Dreaming

--wondermom A.

Photoshoot:A great family bonding activity

One birthday girl insisted the whole family go on a photoshoot. 
Not usually our style, but it turned out to be one great family bonding moment. 

And indulge we did, on laughter, love and simply life. Take a break, go have a photoshoot!

Capture precious moments!

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-- Wondermom A.