Friday, July 29, 2011

I Believe: Go Azkals! World Cup Qualifying Game vs. Kuwait

July is a very busy month for a wondermom like me, as in full of activities that are normally not in my mommy calendar.  It felt good to have hours-off to do something that is totally unrelated to motherhood like watch a musical comedy play (Care Divas which I totally loved), participate in a fun run (Takbo para sa Japan), and watch an Azkals football game (Yey for the first time).

I felt my energy coming back, that not even negative people or news around can zap it! I have never felt that "alive" in a long time, that all my senses are in full battle, waiting in anticipation of what is to come, hoping against all odds that the Azkals may hurdle the challenge against Kuwait. The beating of the drums felt like echoes of my heartbeat.

I often feel alive when I play with my children, keeping up with their energy is a totally different feeling. I had to eat a lot after or else I will be pagoda coldwave lotion hehe!

But there at the stadium, waiting with my officemates at the bleachers with no roof,only our rain coats to protect us from the drizzling rain, I didn't feel tired.  It felt good to feel the cold rain, it heightened the anticipation even more.  The stadium was full-packed, groups of all ages, families bringing their kids, students, barkadas, and like us, urban professionals going to watch after work, and all kinds of football fanatics.

It was my first time to watch a football game in person.  I have to admit I am a football fan just recently, and I do not know the football lingo or rules. I dont even know most of the players, I only know my favorite, which is number 10 :  ). 

Number 10!

The stadium went wild with the first goal of the Azkals, I felt I won the lotto, everybody was jumping up and down. 

However, the energy eventually deflating when the Kuwait made 2 goals nearing the end.  Even if I am a newbie football fan, I can see that much needs to be improved.  The World Cup will be a long journey but so much worth it.

The Philippine Azkals team deserved a standing ovation.   I am proud of them for putting the country in the World Cup map, for bringing pride to the country for their spirit, for inspiring so many Filipinos to love football, and for fighting and not giving up, no matter how difficult it was.  There is hope.  One step at a time. 

And you can be sure that by 2018, I will be in the stands with my children, cheering the Azkals, joining them in their journey again, and I bet that many Filipinos will be there!

(pictures from JICA people)

--Wondermom A. (It feels good to be alive!)

Monday, July 25, 2011

Takbo Para sa Japan, UP Diliman Oval

Takbo para sa Japan is a fund-raising project of the UP Center for International Studies in partnership with the University of Philippines Anime Manga Enthusiasts (UP AME), the University of the Philippines Red Cross Youth (UP RCY), and the University of the Philippines Philippine-Japan Friendship Club (UP Tomo-Kai). It is part of the UPCIS' GAMBARE, NIHON! J Campaign project, a series of events to help the victims of the March 11, 2011 earthquake, tsunami and nuclear accident in Japan.

TPSJ is the contribution to the UP System's "Earthquake-Tsunami Sympathy Activities" in response to UP President Alfredo Pascual's call to “mobilize its constituents, especially those who have benefited from studies in universities and other institutions of higher learning in Japan, to pool resources to contribute to efforts to help those who deserve assistance."

Isa sa mga sponsors ng activity ang JICA kung saan ako nagtratrabaho.  Volunteer agad ako! Kahit man lang sa pagtulong sa JICA secretariat at makabenta ng tshirt para mapunta sa Japanese red cross ay gagawin ko para makatulong ba. Kaya hayun, kahit puyat at konting breakfast, sugod ako sa Takbo para sa Japan sa UP Diliman ng 6am.  Kahit mainit sige pa rin!

Care Divas 2011: Ang Chikang Itrelz na bonggels!

I saw "Care Divas" last friday night produced by Divine Lee.

The show is phenomenal.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Vision: Inspiring Children and Families through Kindermusik

I am officially a student.  Our online class in Kindermusik University started July 17, 2011.  And I am seriously reading modules, posting replies in Module 1 discussion forum, watching videos, downloading songs. 

In the Philippines, our group discussed our boards on "My Life Now" and "My Dream Life".  I made a collage for these boards, investing in pastels and crayons for future art classes.  In "My life now, I am in a crossroad, exactly the story I shared earlier in Kindermusik Training Begins post.  I  see Kindermusik as an opportunity to resurrect my talents and have a balanced time between work and family. 

In my dream life, I want to bring children and families together through my Kindermusik programs and create a learning environment where they will enjoy "quality time" with each other and will be "inspired" to pursue a lifelong love for music and arts. This is MY VISION.

Through Kindermusik, I will be able to have balance in my life, and have more time to do what I love to do like blogging, writing, maybe in the future even writing children's books, travelling and chasing sunsets wherever I go, establishing a farm and planting fruit-bearing trees of our own, and also being an Advocate of Breastfeeding, Lamaze childbirth, responsible parenthood, and child rights, among others. 

I can't contain my excitement in starting this journey.  It is quite overwhelming but I know that I can do it!

--Wondermom A. (Angelina Jolie is right, a single journey can change one's life...)

Monday, July 11, 2011

cd-r King and Nudekor Wall Stickers: Fun way to decorate your child's bedroom

Last Sunday was a lazy day, with the rain and the cold weather.  I decided to decorate my daughters' play room with a musical wall sticker from cd-r King. 

For only P80.00, the wall stickers are affordable, easy to install and can immediately brighten up your child's room. My daughters loved it.  "Wow! we have a music room!"

Monday, July 4, 2011

Kindermusik Training Begins

From my Facebook Message from God:

"On this day of your life, Aileen, we believe God wants you to know ... that a lot of things you think are important, are just urgent, but not important. Focus on what really matters.

A phone call for example is always urgent - it rings only a few times and is gone, but is often not important. If you are in the middle of something truly important - playing with kids, being present with your loved one, - do not stop just because a silly phone rings. Stay present with what's important now."


My family is important. My life is now in a crossroad and I am finding my exit strategy.  Let me explain my story.

I have a stable 9 to 5 job in one of the international development organizations here in the Philippines. It is financially adequate.  I dont get to travel much.  I dont do overtime.  There is less pressure compared to corporate work.  But this work takes me roughly 12 hours away from my children.  I leave the house at 7am and come home around 7pm. I am thankful for my hubby and my yayas because they provide excellent child care support.  But answering to this question" Mommy, why do you have to go to the office" has increasingly become difficult.   I have decided to find an exit strategy where I can have a more flexible time to be with my children, doing something that I am good at and will also be financially rewarding as well.  This I learned is a road less traveled.  Finding an exit strategy, finding myself, claiming back the talents that took a backseat when I went to work, got married, had children.

It is serendipity that my sister told me about Kindermusik because one of her barkada is signing up for it too.  I searched it on the Internet and I was amazed.  Being with children, teaching music, playing with toys and teaching developmental principles focusing on music and family and child development.  I'm hooked.  This is my exit strategy.  This is resurrecting my singing abilities which took a backseat.  This is claiming my love for children and music. This is it.