Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Winning in Citi Globeshopper Promo

Thank you to Citi Globeshopper (through Citibank Libis Program Manager, Ms. Marge Tirona) and Manila Fashion Observer for my 2 complimentary tickets to CATS (Now and Forever) worth 4 thousand pesos. Yey!

I won the tickets because I registered for free at the Citi Globe Shopper.

With Citi Globeshopper, you can now shop online using your assigned US and/or UK address (to be given when you register), find the best prices and have the goods delivered to your home here in the Philippines. Citi Globeshopper can also consolidate multiple purchases made within 30 days so you can save on shipping costs. Plus, you can also use Citi Globeshopper's Concierge service for free, to shop from sites that do not accept Philippine-issued credit cards.

To avail of this exclusive service for Citibank card holders, register here.

To all shopaholics, what are you waiting for? global shopping here I come : )
-- Wondermom A. (excited about CATS)

Friday, July 23, 2010

new PSE trading rules

erFor the investing public and trading participants,

The Philippine Stock Exchange issued a new trading system, which will take effect on July 26, 2010. The new trading system (NTS) will use a new trading software, developed by NYS Technologies SAS which is wholly owned by NYSE Euronext, which operates the largest exchanges around the world eg. New york Exchange.

The major changes in the trading system are as follows:

1. New Trading Schedule

There will now be a Pre-Close period prior to the Run-off Period of 12noon.

8:45 am - National Anthem
9:00 am - Pre-Open*
9:30 am - Market Open
11:57 am - Pre-Close *(NEW)
12:00 pm - Run-off / Trading at Last
12:10 pm - Market Close

* You can modify and/or cancel your orders during the Pre-Open period and the Pre- Close period.

2. New Board Lot and Price Fluctuation Table

3. Implementation of Trading Price Limits

The price of an order shall be within the Trading Limits for the Trading day. There are two limits implemented; i.e., Static and Dynamic Thresholds.

The Static Threshold used to be known as the Floor and Ceiling Prices and is computed as follows:
- The upper Static Threshold shall be fifty percent (50%) above the Reference price (closing price)
- The lower Static Threshold shall be fifty percent (50%) below the Reference price (closing price)

The Dynamic Price Threshold** is computed as follows:
- Dynamic price threshold (upper) = last traded price + (last traded price multiplied by the Dynamic tick)
- Dynamic price threshold (lower) = last traded price - (last traded price multiplied by the Dynamic tick)

** An order entered breaching above or below the Dynamic Threshold will cause the security to be Frozen by the PSE stopping all trades until the PSE reactivates the security with a new Dynamic Threshold.

If the last traded price for stock A is 5.00 pesos and it has a PSE defined dynamic tick of 0.05 then:
- Stock A dynamic price threshold (upper) = 5.00 + (5.00 x 0.05) = 5.25
- Stock A dynamic price threshold (lower) = 5.00 - (5.00 x 0.05) = 4.75

4. Closing Prices will now be calculated during the Pre-Close Period which will be similar to pre-opening calculations of the opening price.

A Pre-close period (from 11:57-12:00) will be added similar to pre-open that will freeze matching for three minutes but allowing posting. Cancellations and modifications to orders are only allowed from 11:57-11:58 thereafter only posting of new orders are allowed until 12:00. Noon time will bring about a closing price that will match pre-close posted orders then continue trading at the closing price until 12:10.

5. Partial matching of Odd-lot orders will now be allowed.

6. Good-Till-Cancelled orders will now cover a period of seven (7) calendar days instead of seven (7) trading days.

All present GTC orders will be cancelled by end of day Friday July 23, 2010 to make way for the new data format on Monday. Placement of GTC orders will resume on July 26 Monday 9:00 AM. GTC orders may be entered during ATO (after trade hours). But GTC orders that have already been sent to the Exchange can only be cancelled or changed during allowable moments in pre-open (9:00-9:15) and during trading time. You can still send an advanced notice to cancel or change the GTC order during ATO periods but its effect on earmarked balances and positions will only take effect at 9:00 AM onwards.


Since I am one of the small-time investing public, I am interested to know what will happen next week, hoping that the transition will go smooth.

As of this date, my stocks bought through Citiseconline are ALI (Ayala Land Corporation), CHIB (Chinabank Corporation), EDC (Energy Development Corporation), MWC (Manila Water Corporation), SECB (Security Bank Corporation), SMDC (SM Development Corporation), URC (Universal Robina Corporation), which gave me an average gain of 31.98%. Yey! This is way way better than our time deposit interest rate : )

I can't wait to sell some stocks to realize my gain, and invest on other stocks.

Thank you Citiseconline for always providing updated information regarding my investments and stock exchange news.

Here's to a more fruitful investment-filled future : )

--Wondermom A.

Friday, July 16, 2010

My Travel Partner: Shanghai'ed in China

I'm so excited to go on a vacation with my husband this coming August to see the Great Wall of China in Beijing.

Since this vacation would entail lots of walking, I'm already planning what clothes to wear and what shoes to bring. My clothes should be lightweight since its summer in August in China. My shoes should be very comfortable and can withstand a whole day of walking and walking and walking...which brings to mind.. ta dah..."Shanghai shoes of Anthology"...

This pair of shoes would definitely be the best travel partner for me. I can pair it with any fact I can bring only this pair of shoes and be fashionable the entire time I am on vacation. Shanghai'ed in China is the best way to travel.

I will wear the shoes with an ensemble of lace/ sleeveless blouse or shirt and slim cargo pants/shorts...


or this...


Simple yet fashionable...that's what I like

- Wondermom A.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Circle of Fun in Quezon City

I am always on the look out for fun stuff to do for kids on weekends. Recently, my kids and I travelled not far from our home, at Circle of Fun, Elliptical Road in Quezon City. I was surprised that they renovated the the park to include a playground (Circle of Joy), a bike rental (P 100/hr) and a theme park (Circle of Fun) with different rides and activities not only for children but also for adults (e.g. Wild Wind, Bump cars, water zorb, swing carousel, duck rides, animal carousel, Dinousaur, Alien and Egpytian-theme houses).

Parking entrance fee for cars is P15.00. The Circle of Joy is free but the Circle of Fun has an entrance fee of P 20.00 per adult/kid (more than 3 meter in height). Ride fees average from P30.00-50.00 per adult/kid. Not bad for a theme park, although the size and variety of rides is not comparable with Enchanted Kingdom, of course, but nevertheless the joy and happiness that children get from them is the same. My kids loved them.

If you walk further down the biking area, you will be able to go to the Quezon musuem where they have several memorabilia of President Manuel L. Quezon. There is no entrance fee, only a minimal donation for the musuem. The guard said that the remains of President Quezon are still inside the musuem but when I researched it in the internet, it says that since the 1970s, the remains are no longer there.

Anyway, I am glad that the Quezon City government was able to renovate the place, I see a lot of people riding bikes, strolling with their kids, eating ice cream, exercising, and just plain enjoying the green landscape in the center of a busy metropolis. I hope that the new administration of Mayor Bautista would continue and further improve the park so that more and more people would be able to enjoy it.

And now, whenever we pass by Circle, my kids always point to the park, with a happy smile on their faces.

P.S.The downside there is that there is no good quality restaurants near the playground area. The restaurant area of the park is at the front of City Hall, which is already far from the playground area. I hope the administration will further improve the dining facilities inside the park so that it becomes another UP Technohub area : )

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Growing up and Letting Go

Finally, my whole gang (hubby, 2 kids, 2 yayas and me) was able to watch Toy Story 3 at SM Fairview last weekend.  We decided on SM Fairview because it's 2D, and not 3D, so as not to scare my kids since this is the first time that they will watch a movie in a wide screen inside a dark movie house, and probably would not like to wear glasses all throughtout the movie, these are 2 and 3 year kids I'm talking about (not to mention its cheaper also).

I was surprised.  They did not cry, and was so intent on watching the movie, sitting at the end of the chair since they're still too little to recline less they fall off the chair.  They are amazed by all the toys, watching Barbie and Woody and Jessie and Buzz, it made their day. My eldest daughter said "enjoy mommy" : )

I honestly enjoyed the movie also and was so grateful for the tummy-achy laughter when Buzz danced, and got teary- eyed sad when the toys held hands inside the incinerator to be rescued by the amazing aliens (how did they know where to find them? ).  Actually, the theme of the movie also touches you in a sad way, since all of us go through/went through a "growing up and letting go" stage in our life.  In the movie, Woody eventually decided to let go of Andy and be with the rest of the toys, and Andy also grew up and decided to let go of his childhood friend-toy Woody, knowing that they will be taken cared of by the young girl.

Looking back, I didnt have any Woody type of toy, but I had a lot of books: Sweet Dreams, Sweet Valley Twins/High, etc.  I kept them until I moved out of my parents' house this year.  I remembered buying them at National Bookstore and collecting them, reading them during vacations...Now, they're packed and boxed, I've decided not to keep them anymore for my 2 daughters, since I want my kids to discover books on their own...I've finally let go of one of my childhood things and I'm happy that other kids/teens will be able to discover the stories that I loved back then, Im hoping they catch the bookworm just like I did.

(pictures from

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My 25 List

My growing list when the biological clock turns 25 hehehe...

#1 Jollibee Eclipse Team Edward tumbler, seriously I want this : )

*nope, did not get this one, late to buy, promo already ended: (

#2 chinoiserie chic (hope to get some vases, ivory figurines, etc. in Beijing this August!)

* still to buy at Beijing, if expensive, i found an alternative shop that's way cheap, im already attempted to buy hehehe

#3 Dwell Studio bed linen (heavenly!)

*did not get, but anyway, I have more birthdays to come : )

#4 twilight books 1 to 4 (dont have a copy of my own)

* yey bought these as a gift for myself : )

#5 Union Electric Oven (naflor, ibigay mo na sa akin, di mo naman ginagamit eh : ))

* tnx sisses naflor, gail and bro jr. once the opportunity arises, I'll roast a whole chicken for you all!

#6 a handyphone with Facebook, Twitter apps

* hopefully next week, c/o Smart Gold free handphones : )

#7 a sewing machine that I can use for my DIY curtains, preferably Singer Sewing Machine : )
* sorry, maybe next year : )